Early Childhood Consultation is not, nor intended to be, a substitute for professional psychiatric, psychological or medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, clinical counseling, or psychotherapy.

Kelly A. Rodriguez, MSW, LCSW, CCLS has been working with children and families for over fifteen years.

A graduate of Wheelock College, Kelly began her career at Boston Children's Hospital as a Certified Child Life Specialist. Kelly later returned to Wheelock to complete her Masters Degree in Social Work. Her position as a coordinator for a regional early childhood mental health consultation program, sparked her passion for assisting parents and professionals in managing  challenging behavior in young children.

Early Childhood Consultation

Through Early Childhood Consultation, parents, educators and child care providers can gain skills and strategies to further develop children's emotional literacy, and put them on the path towards a lifetime of social and emotional well being.

Using a non-clinical approach, Kelly will draw on her expertise in child development and evidenced-based practice to help you better understand the specific needs of children, develop a comprehensive plan to address challenging behavior and/or help you find other support services that can best meet your needs .